Time Off to Vote in PCTEA Elections

By April 26, 2024 News

Per Article 37 Section 4 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement:

“For the purpose of voting at Union Elections, the Board shall allow employees in schools and at the Service Center a maximum of two (2) hours off, including travel time.  City Hall employees shall be granted a reasonable period of time to cast their ballots.”

Previously the City Hall portion had been interpreted as giving City Hall employees only 1 hour to go vote.  PCTEA has entered an agreement with the District that City Hall employees are now granted up to 2 hours to go vote.   Therefore ALL PCTEA MEMBERS are now afforded up to 2 hours to go vote in our elections on May 3rd 2024 at the Buffalo Irish Center, and in future elections.  This is IN ADDITION to our contractual lunch and break periods.

A memo from HR has been sent to all Department Heads advising them of this.