PCTEA Election Results

By May 6, 2024 News

PCTEA would like to thank our fellow members for coming out to vote in Friday’s election of President and Executive Board of Directors.   Below please find the vote totals for each candidate and each position, ranked by vote total.  Please note that bold text indicates the winner(s).


President ( 1 position, 3 year term):

Ed Klavoon – 264 votes

Ra’Chelle West – 44 votes


Executive Board of Directors ( 6 positions, 2 year term):

Tammy Parsons – 229 votes

Kim Whelan – 214 votes

John Vertino – 205 votes

Colette Clemons – 193 votes

Michelle Clifton – 191 votes

Lisa Maternowski – 181 votes

Bryan Meyers – 124 votes

Jason Joyce – 93 votes


Congratulations to the winners.  PCTEA would like to thank ALL candidates, and applauds their efforts to get involved and for being advocates for their fellow members.