Special Message From The President

By March 29, 2019 News

At the last General Meeting, I shared some information concerning a bill, A5361, that was in committee concerning proposed changes to the way our pensions are calculated.  Since that meeting, I have been in contact with several unions who, in turn, have been in contact with “their people” in Albany over this issue.  The good news is that, by all reports, this bill is “dead on arrival” with “zero chance of passing”.  Apparently, this member of the Assembly has tried to pass this before and it has gone nowhere.  This latest round is doomed for failure as well.

At the meeting, I had shared the contact information of The New York Assembly, urging our membership to email them in order to express our displeasure with the bill in order to convince them to vote against it.  It looks like that tactic will no longer be necessary.