Signing Subpoenas / student records – School Clerks

By June 24, 2021 News

Due to a backlog of cases due to the Covid outbreak and the corresponding delay in the scheduling court cases involving students, an unusually high number of of student record subpoenas have been sent to the Clerks in recent weeks and have resulted in questions about certification signing.

If you prepared the copies of records which are accessible to you in the ordinary course of business for a subpoena or court order, that Legal has deemed ok to respond to, you can execute the request certification of records (“being kept in the regular or ordinary course of business”), which could save you a potential personal appearance as the subpoena usually refers to or requests.

Generally speaking, it is ok to sign (certify) these requests (since they are not disciplinary in nature).  The overwhelming majority of these court mandated requests will arrive to you through the legal department.  If, by chance, a request comes to you from an outside source, please contact the legal department first (3742) to ensure it is a valid request before sending the documents.

Feel free to call legal if you have question questions or concerns about the subpoena, what response or required or the certification itself.