School Reopening

By August 22, 2020 August 24th, 2020 News
There will be very limited staff in the building.  This will be limited to some teachers, engineers, security and Administrators.  Not everyone will be in on the same days, however.  The building will not be open to the general public.  The engineers are responsible for the cleaning of common areas every day.  They have met with the district on this already.
Your immediate area will be your responsibility.  I have encouraged staff to bring in any additional cleaning items they need to feel comfortable as everyone has their own standards.
As every main office features a different setup, Clerks will have to work with their principal as there is a no one size fits all concerning room layout for social distancing.  Principals have already met with the district concerning this.  No one should be coming into your area and social distancing will be in effect.  You will have to work with your principal to control the personnel flow through your office if required.
The district provided Central office staff with giant bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and said they are doing the same for the schools.  Masks are mandatory at all times.
ADA accommodations, as of now, will only be extended to the Employee.  FMLA can be applied for if you are caring for a family member who may be at risk but you will need to apply for it.  FMLA runs concurrent with sick time.
Just like the Central Office reopening…

Medical documentation will be required for any ADA accommodation to work exclusively from home.

District Staff Requests for Reasonable Accommodations:

Intermittent FMLA is still an available option for those that are unable to report in due to complications concerning Covid with family members.

Employees should start getting all paperwork regarding family members with preexisting conditions together to be submitted.  These situations MAY handled on a case by case basis in the future.

On days not reporting in, staff will be required to work from home similar to what Central Office has done throughout this entire shut down.  Additionally, if staff still feel unsafe reporting in but do not qualify for an ADA leave, the district will allow you to remain at home on report days by using your accruals.