Mandatory two day report in – reversed by The District

By November 19, 2020 November 20th, 2020 News

The Two Day Mandatory Report In policy  has been temporarily reversed by the District.

All of the ramifications are unknown at this time as PCTEA will not be meeting with the district until later today.  Some employees may still have to report in as needed but the mandatory two day requirement has been lifted. This page will be updated when more information is available.

Click the link below for the letter to the staff

Reversal Letter

Update from the district for clarification:

1.     Are all employees working 100%remotely?  No, there are essential workers who are supporting the operations of the District that will continue to report; Food Services, Security, Facilities, IT & Transportation.

2.     Do I have the ability to enter the building?  Yes. The buildings are open each day to support cleaning, deliveries, food distribution and other work related needs. You must work directly with your Principal or Supervisor to coordinate entering the building so that buildings are at no more than 25% capacity.

3.     Will I be paid for sick days during remote instruction? If you are not feeling well but you are able to perform the essential functions of your job while you are at home, you will not need to put in for an illness day.  If you are not able to work, please follow the process to put in for an illness day into AESOP and/or EmpCenter.

4.     If I have been cleared to return to work from a leave of absence, how do I report? Please provide HR with a copy of your medical clearance to return to work so that we can reactivate you. Scan or take a picture and email the document to We also ask that you contact your building Principal prior to any return back into the building.

5.     What will be the best way to get up to date information from the District about the status of school closings?  The District will continue to use the Buffalo Public School website, email and robo-calls to share information.

6.     If I do not have direct deposit, how will I access my paycheck?  The payroll department will be primarily working remotely. Staff will be in City Hall on a very limited basis. All direct deposit advices will be sent via email to the email in MUNIS, for most of you it will be your district email.  It will ask for a password to view your advice and the password is the last 4 digits of your social security number. For people without direct deposit, all checks will be mailed as long as the US Postal service is running.  If they are not, we will designate a time and location for you to pick up your check. All communication with payroll should be via email.

7.     Am I able to pick up additional employment during school closure?  No, as a public employee, you are being supported to remain home due to school closure.  You are not permitted to work during your scheduled hours.

8.     Some teachers are scheduled for long term leave.  Are long term substitutes able to work during this time?  We are accepting recommendations from Principals to utilize current substitutes to provide instruction.