City Hall Employees – Flex Schedule for 1 month.

By August 10, 2020 News

Attention City Hall Employees.  In order to lessen the impact of elevator congestion, PCTEA has just entered into a voluntary month by month agreement with the district for all employees physically required to report to City Hall.

Beginning immediately, each department will have the ability to seek volunteers to adjust the report time of the days they are scheduled to come in.  Times can be selected based on 15 minute increments starting between 7:30 and 8:30 am (7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:15 and 8:30).  A 7:30 shift may depart at 3:30. A 7:45 shift may depart at 3:45.  An 8:30 shift would end at 4:30 and so on.

Again, this is on a voluntary basis.  No one can be ordered to change their contractual schedule. 

If an employee volunteers for an alternate time, it will be granted unless there is a compelling reason for it to be denied by the supervisor.  If a supervisor determines too many individuals have selected a specific time, spots will be offered on overall seniority.

In addition to this, employees and supervisors, by mutual agreement of both parties, may agree to reduce the lunch hour to 30 minutes resulting in an earlier dismissal time by 30 minutes.  This option may be offered to no more than 50% of the workforce in each department on any given day and shall be offered on a rotating basis.

This agreement will expire on September 10, 2020 unless extended by mutual agreement of both PCTEA and the district.