Central Office Reopening Information

By July 26, 2020 July 28th, 2020 News

Dear PCTEA members.  Please review and electronically sign the District’s Reopening Plan that has been emailed out to you.  It is for the safety and security of everyone.

The District has decided to exercise its right to recall Central Office back to the office on an initial limited basis of two days a week starting August 3rd You should be in coordination with your supervisor to make sure that these two days does not put your office above the 50% threshold.

If you have a medical issue that may prevent you from returning due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the district is taking applications.  Right now the district is looking at applications for reasonable accommodations for District Employees only.  It remains unclear if they will extend employee leaves to conditions concerning family members at this time.

Medical documentation will be required for any ADA accommodation to work exclusively from home.

District Staff Requests for Reasonable Accommodations:


Intermittent FMLA is still an available option for those that are unable to report in due to complications concerning Covid with family members.

Employees should start getting all paperwork regarding family members with preexisting conditions together to be submitted.  These situations MAY handled on a case by case basis in the future.

Masks MUST be worn at all times and especially when sharing the workspace with anyone.  Masks must be worn in all common areas without exceptions.  This is for everyone’s protection.

Employees working closer than six feet apart should inform their supervisor so other arrangements can be made until workstations can be moved.

Employees will be required to sign in using emp center on the days they report into the office.  Please maintain social distancing. Six foot markers will be placed at all clock in stations, restrooms and elevators.

There is a temperature check station located in the basement near the employee entrance. The City has told the Board that they intend to have this station manned.

A Full time nurse will be located on floor 4, 7 or 8 (to be determined) by the district that employees will be able to see for any reason.

Nurses are scheduled to be located at all Central Office locations starting Friday July 21st.

Only staff are permitted at Central Office locations until further notice.

PCTEA and the District are looking at access Swipe Cards similar to what City employees use to enter to aide in building entrance.

City Hall has placed a limit on the number of people riding the elevator to 4 (on in each corner).  Face covering must be worn in all elevators but employees are urged to use their own discretion if they do not feel comfortable with 3 additional riders.

The cafeteria located in the basement of City Hall will not be operating normally.  They are working on a new “Take-Out” procedure.  There will be no dining in.

The Plant Department is working on plexiglass shields where appropriate and installing six foot markers where appropriate.

Cleaning Supplies – The district expects hand sanitizer available for all locations and cleaning supplies provided for common areas.  PCTEA strongly encourages all employees to bring in any nontoxic cleaning supplies or products that they feel they need to feel secure in their personal work area.  Do not leave your mental and physical comfort level and safety entirely in the hands of anyone else.  This pandemic is not over yet and we have to remain vigilant.