ADA complaints

By November 18, 2020 News

Link for ADA complaints for family member denials

You may file a complaint for any of the following reasons:

  • You are being forced to work at a business that is not allowed to operate
  • You are being forced to work for a business that is allowed to operate, however:
    • Your employer is not taking proper safety and health precautions (see above)
    • You have particular concerns because you or a family member are part of a vulnerable population (i.e. underlying health conditions or over 70)
  • Your employer has failed to pay you wages owed for hours worked, earned sick pay or paid time off
  • Your employer has threatened or fired you for reasons related to COVID-19
  • You qualify for COVID-19 paid sick leave and your employer refuses to pay it
  • Your employer is forcing you to work when you are sick