Realizing the moral promise

of American life.

The object of this Association will be to unite the salaried employees of the Board of Education for the protection of the rights and opportunities of those employees; to secure fair and just wages and benefits for their services; and to promote good faith and fair dealings among members. The Association will provide a voice in the determination of the terms and conditions of employment. We are committed to the process of collective bargaining as the most desirable, democratic and effective method to achieve this. The Association will promote civil service legislation and career service in government. We will provide research and educational services and activities designed to assist members. Furthermore, we will cooperate with other labor organizations in particular, and other segments of our society in general, towards the end that the material riches of American society be more justly distributed and the moral promise of American life be realized.

Officers & Executive Board


Aaron Armstrong
School #4
P: 716.816.3948
F: 716.851.3044

Vice President

Ed Klavoon
408 City Hall
P: 716.816.3963
F: 716.851.3968


Maria Doverspike
802 City Hall
P: 716.816.3936
F: 716.851.3883


Cindy Turton
Room 807 City Hall
P: 716.816.3824
F: 716.851.3916

Sergeant At Arms

Adam Renzoni
720 City Hall
P: 716.816.4539
F: 716.816.3883

Board Members

Audrienne (Lynn) Giles
Service Center
Bus Aide Office
95 Bailey Ave.
P: 716.816.4885
F: call for #

Teresa Turpin
#187 Room 207
333 Clinton Street
P: 716.816.3969

Tammy Parsons
Room 728 City Hall
P: 716.816.3611
F: 716.851.3882

Lisa Maternowski
School 74 Hamlin Park
P: 716.816.3490
F: 716.888.7190

Board Members

John Vertino
Mobile Patrol

Matthew Baudo
#195 City Honors
P: 716.816.4247
F: 716.888.7145