A Special Union Message from PCTEA

By December 18, 2018 March 29th, 2019 News

National groups are launching efforts to encourage more of New York’s public workers to leave their unions again in the wake of the Janus Decision failure. Paid workers from out of state are currently going door to door in our area, reading from a script, encouraging Union members to drop out in a new effort to destroy collective bargaining in New York.

This group is the local subset of a larger group, Americans for Fair Treatment, an Oklahoma-based anti-union organization, which has ties to Charles and David Koch as well as Betsy Devros.

These workers will not tell you that your dues are tax deductible nor will they inform you of the benefits you will lose if you choose to drop our because your well being is not their concern. They are paid day workers whose only goal is to weaken the strong unions of New York.

PCTEA strongly encourages you to CLICK HERE to download, print and hang this PDF sign on your door or window. Send these people back to the state where they came from.